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  • Simple Tips for Hillside Landscaping

    by Keri Sanders from Design Happens (3 comments)

    <img src="http://cdn.upcotts.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Hillside-plantings-1024x682.jpg"/>Hillside landscaping is o...

  • Steep Terrain, Beautiful Makeover (6 photos)

    Get ideas and inspiration for turning an impossible hillside into outdoor living space.

  • Waterfall Terraced Garden (video 03:29)

    The crew transforms a dry hillside into a terraced slope with a waterfall.

  • The House on the Hill (video 21:32)

    The exterior of a hillside bungalow is given a makeover.

  • Landscape Makeover: Multi-level Yard (9 photos)

    Terraces are the perfect solution for creating usable space in a sloping backyard.

  • Q&A: Groundcovers for a Hill

    Here's a tip on hillside gardening.

  • Hillside Splendor (video 04:26)

    A driveway, courtyard and surrounding landscaping all get a dramatic makeover.

  • Hillside Home Redo (video 03:58)

    It's goodbye to a dull exterior for a hillside home on Curb Appeal.

  • Modern Ranch Redo (video 03:55)

    The crowded yard of a hillside contemporary ranch is changed by an open design.

  • Hillside Retreat (4 photos)

    A sloping yard is transformed with a stone retaining wall and relaxing campfire setting.

  • Hillside Paradise

    A boring backyard is transformed into a comfortable, pet-friendly space with a tropical theme.

  • Hillside Slide

    Dan Berger helps this family makeover their hillside landscape into a family-friendly outdoor space.

  • Family Campfire

    These homeowners are ready to transform their outdoor space into one that is relaxing and conducive for entertaining.

  • Spa Retreat

    This small hillside yard needs a makeover that includes a spa and privacy from the neighbors.

  • Backyard Haven

    This couple brings in the experts to help them transform their hillside landscape into a calming outdoor oasis.

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