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Maintaining a Vegetable Garden Maintaining a Vegetable Garden Follow this step-by-step for tips on growing a productive garden.
Planting a Window Box Planting a Window Box Combine flowering plants with attractive foliage in window boxes to add color to decks, window sashes and porch rails.
Pruning a Shrub Rose Pruning a Shrub Rose Pruning your roses will help increase blooming and decrease disease and pest problems. Follow these steps to learn how to make the right cuts.
Testing Soil Drainage and Texture Testing Soil Drainage and Texture Your soil's texture and drainage can influence how you care for your plants. Follow these steps to better understand your garden soil.
How to Fertilize a Tree How to Fertilize a Tree Trees growing along roadsides, in urban areas,and around new homes may need extra nutrients.
Pruning a Hedge Pruning a Hedge No matter what type of hedge you may have in your landscape, follow these steps to keep it healthy and shaped beautifully.
How to Control Slugs How to Control Slugs Tips for contending with these slimy pests in the garden.
Planting Tulips Planting Tulips Few flowers herald spring quite like tulips do. Follow these steps to create a stunning display in your yard or garden.
Vegetable Container Gardening Tips Vegetable Container Gardening Tips If you don't have room for a garden, or only want to grow a few vegetables, containers are the best way to go.
Decorating Clay Pots Decorating Clay Pots Dress up your plain clay pots with a little decoupage crafting