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Sarah shares basic decorating tips and tricks to solve any design problem.

12 Gorgeous Room Designs

  • HSONE-109H
    This family kitchen has great bones but needs a facelift. Sarah trades the dated yellow and brown palette for fresh robin's egg blue and off white. Hand-built cupboards are sprayed as the island is reconfigured. New flooring and lighting no

  • HSONE-110H
    Long ago this master bedroom was decorated in florals, fuchsia and frilly lace, as was the style at the time. Sarah and Tommy trade the '80s for neutral shades that will look good now and forever more. Insider information on layering of fab

  • HSONE-111H
    This basement has become a dumping ground of subterranean splendor. Sarah and Tommy start by delineating and organizing spaces to meet the daily functional demands of the family. It becomes an exercise of where to spend and save and how to

  • HSONE-112H
    This basement laundry space is typical to many homes, hidden in a damp, dark basement corner. Sarah freshens and makes this task much more attractive by creating new storage, hanging and folding space, and by reviving an old favorite, the f

  • HSONE-113H
    If you're living in a brand new condo there's no need to go without style and substance in the creation of a space that is a personal expression of you. Sarah and Tommy pump up the classic appeal of a blank canvas by mixing old with new to

  • HSONE-204H
    This mid-century home looks more like a contents sale than the slick, functional abode it could be. Sarah and Tommy make this adjoining living and dining room flow seamlessly into one another using paint, furniture and flooring solutions,

  • HSONE-205H
    Every inch of this home was renovated before the current owners moved in except for the master bath. It remains locked in another era with fixtures and attitude to match. Sarah and Tommy create a luxe space by swapping out the tired fixtu

  • HSONE-206H
    A recently acquired country home came with a nightmare 80's kitchen. Sarah and Tommy have limited dollars to transform this large space into a kitchen and casual dining space that is bright, fresh and modern yet maintains its country ambi

  • HSONE-207H
    A first time homeowner's maturing taste pushes the finishes and furniture in her tiny condo well past their due date. Sarah and Tommy find furnishings that reflect the client's new attitude and that can eventually move with her into a lar

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Sarah 101 is a back-to-basics crash course in design that breaks every project into simple building blocks. Designer Sarah Richardson showcases her signature approach of tips and tricks to solve design problems so that you too can transform any room in your home.

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