CEDIA 2012 Media Room Finalist: Invisible Technology

Photo By: Jim Ritter/PHOTOAPPEAL

Photo By: Jim Ritter/PHOTOAPPEAL

Photo By: Jim Ritter/PHOTOAPPEAL

A universal remote controls the TV, motorized projection screen, projector, lighting and surround sound.

With a low ceiling and structural elements in the joists above, a unique and extensive millworker soffit was created to conceal the projection screen and shades that control light when the screen is used.

When a brighter space is desired, the VisionArt picture is retracted and a 55" TV is used as the display.

The homeowners didn't want to see the video system when not in use, so, a stone fireplace was created and the VisionArt frame and gold theme artwork is all that is visible when the video system is not in use.

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