NKBA 2013 Kitchen: Funky and Fun

This kitchen was specially designed for an engineer who is also an artist and who appreciates practical, clever solutions mixed with a sense of humor. The newly designed kitchen is located in what was formerly the living room space.

Photo By: Photo Credit: Cabin 4D Images

Photo By: Photo Credit: Cabin 4D Images

Photo By: Photo Credit: Cabin 4D Images

Photo By: Photo Credit: Cabin 4D Images

Funky and Fun Kitchen

This newly designed kitchen was relocated to the former living room space, thereby maximizing the view of the surrounding valleys, improving space usage and flow, and providing easy outdoor access via a patio door.

Funky and Fun Kitchen

Generous counter areas avoid bottlenecks for large-scale prep, along with two appliance garages. A raised bar with comfortable seating invites everyone to admire their striking surroundings.

Funky and Fun Kitchen

Two sinks and two pullout trash containers eliminate prep conflicts.

Funky and Fun Kitchen

Fanciful swirling metal pulls, fun red sculptural wall elements and a copper backsplash break free of the ordinary, granting the client’s wish for wit and whimsy.

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