A Kitchen Composed in Peridot Perfection

Retro Style

If ever there were true representation of a fresh green Granny Smith apple, or a crystal clear Peridot, it would be this crisply composed kitchen palette, which boldly commits and adheres to the sophisticated color theme. Photo courtesy of Larry Amal/Amal Photography

Tones that Work Together

Complementing tones are introduced through warm wood tones in cabinetry, flooring and a freestanding kitchen table. Photo courtesy of Larry Amal/Amal Photography

A Colorful Combination

The horizontal glass tiles feature a color palate of cool blue, rich red and earthy green that are visually stimulating. Photo courtesy of Larry Amal/Amal Photography

Staying Consistant

A sleek range appliance stays true to the surrounding design goals. Photo courtesy of Larry Amal/Amal Photography

Layers of Illumination

Different sizes and shapes of fixtures add visual interest and provide soft lighting. Photo courtesy of Larry Amal/Amal Photography

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