What Women Want In a Closet

Learn how to create that dreamy closet that is well organized and displays every beautiful belonging you've collected
By: Virginia Switzer

Photo By: John Granen

Make the Space Your Own

Create a place dedicated to getting ready. Unused attic space is a great option for a dressing room. Special design features in this area provides a comfortable environment, equiped with a plush dressing chair and custom shelving for personal items. Photo courtesy of California Closets

Must-Have Shoe Storage

For the fashionista who has more shoes than clothes, it's wise to consider how these favorite items are showcased. ClosetMaid has created the perfect system for pumps, boots and flats to take center stage.

Unique Uses for Organizing

Organization doesn't always have to require conventional uses of shelves and drawers. Think outside the box to capitalize on space. This tie rack displays long necklaces and keeps them from tangling. Photo courtesy of ClosetMaid

A Place for Every Piece

From designer sunglasses to bangle bracelets, a warm pair of gloves to your favorite leather belt, designate a place for everything. Clear dividers keep drawers tidy and items easy to find. Photo courtesy of California Closets

An Island Escape

Providing a space to layout clothes or extra drawers for delicates and small items, islands are popular for walk-in closets. This island pilaster is decorated with gold leaf accents for an extra touch of customization. Photo courtesy of Studio Becker

Valet Poles

A valet pole is handy if you want to plan your outfit for the next day, hang dry cleaning, or pack for a trip. These pull-out poles usually install into a vertical panel in your closet system and come in a variety of colors and finishes. Photo courtesy of ClosetMaid

High-Design Through Lighting

Recessed lighting creates drama by illuminating the closet design and showcasing personal belongings. A chandelier adds a touch of elegance and complements the deep color palate of this space. Photo courtesy of ClosetMaid

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