Lighting Control

From the familiar toggle to the newest dimmers and keypads, discover options in lighting control.
By: Jill Connors

Flip a Switch

The traditional toggle switch has been a household classic in light control for decades. With an upward push of the finger, power to the lighting fixture is activated. Image courtesy of Leviton

Simple Styling

The rocker type light switch operates in the same manner as a toggle but has a more streamlined look that has made it a design favorite. Shown, from left: Leviton's Decora, Acenti and Vizia switches

New-Tech Dimmer

With the advent of dimmable compact fluorescent (CFL) and light-emitting diode (LED) lightbulbs, many homeowners may be finding that their old dimmer switches (designed for use with incandescent lightbulbs) may not be working as well as they should. Replace old dimmers with new versions made for CFL and LED lightbulbs. Shown: Lutron's C.L Diva dimmer

Plug-In Dimmer

Even if your table lamp isn't wired to a wall switch, you can still get the energy savings and flexibility of dimming. Use a plug-in lamp dimmer; new versions hitting the market now are designed to work with CFL and LED lightbulbs. Shown: Lutron’s C.L Credenza

Slider + Rocker

The slide mechanism controls the dimming, while the rocker at the bottom offers quick on-off control. Shown: Lutron's Skylark Contour

Keypad Control

New wireless lighting systems eliminate the problem of too many switches lined up in a row. Pre-program combinations of lighting to suit your needs, and just push a "scene" button. Shown: Lutron's RadioRA 2 keypad control

Someone's in the Kitchen

In a kitchen where ambient, task and accent layers of lighting each typically have their own controls, a keypad system takes the guesswork out of finding the right switch. Shown: Lutron's RadioRA 2 keypad control

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