Integrated Home Designs From CEDIA 2013 Finalists

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Sophisticated Show Home

See more of this space. This 8500-square-foot home, built specifically as a show home, features 22 zones of audio utilizing a mix of speakers selected to blend visually with the decor. Find a home technology professional near you.

Farmhouse Update

See more of this space. This restored farmhouse retains much of the original stone and woodwork, a fact which presented challenges for new AV and wireless applications.

Sustainability Through Automation

See more of this space. This home belongs to an architect who is also an advocate of sustainability. Green and sustainable features are evident throughout the home's design.

Modern Twist

See more of this space. This project provides an update on an earlier full-house integration and, since the client has several homes and travels frequently, focuses heavily on remote access and control.

Electronic Harmony

See more of this space. From the client perspective, a key challenge in this project was to balance the desires of the husband (technological cutting edge) with those of the wife (keeping the interior decoration intact).

Entertainment Zone

See more of this space. This integrated home features 15 separate audio zones including two surround-sound areas and a media room with a 100" rear-projection TV.

Sleek Turnkey

See more of this space. The automation system for this integrated home controls security, temperature, window shades and lighting as well as audio and video.

Low-Maintenance Lodge

See more of this space. This project links two identical vacation cabins, owned by two brothers, through a single system that allows for a variety of technological amenities in an isolated and rural setting.

Low-Profile Tech

See more of this space. The system in this family's "dream home" consists of 12 zones of distributed audio, 10 zones of distributed digital video, five audio sources, 10 video sources, 80 zones of centrally controlled lighting and a 7.1-channel custom theater.

Urban Chic

See more of this space. The finished system in this home employs a full complement of interfaces — hard-wired, wireless RF and Wi-Fi — to control a wide range of audio, video, security and home automation functions.

Seamless Functionality

See more of this space. The client for this project wanted an integrated home where each subsystem, both inside and outside, could be controlled by iPhone and iPad mini. The system incorporates six separate audio/video zones: living room, game/rec room, master bedroom, exercise room, craft room and this outdoor BBQ area.

Tech Savvy

See more of this space. The system in this home, controllable via iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android, features audio distributed to 16 zones, with eight audio sources available to each.

Comprehensive Control

See more of this space. This upgrade to an existing home integration, with additional zones for audio, video and lighting, had to be built so as to replicate the precise controls and customizations of the previous system with which the homeowners were already familiar. The installers were able to achieve that using a new control network by Savant Systems.

Modern Functionality

See more of this space. For this architect's home, a Crestron system was selected to control lighting, shades, audio, sprinklers and security.

Naturally Sophisticated

See more of this space. The clients for this integrated home insisted on advanced technology — and especially high-quality audio in every room — without taking away from the beauty of the home.

Elegant Simplicity

See more of this space. For the owners of this home, top audio and video performance were essential, but finished appearance and intuitive operation were the highest priorities.

Form, Function & Style

See more of this space. For this home integration in a 4,000-square-foot apartment in NYC, the design team worked closely with the architect to incorporate audio, video, lighting and automation without causing visual disruption to the homeowner's vision for the space.

Uncluttered Integration

See more of this space. The tech-savvy owners of this home were looking for a fully integrated and advanced system with a focus on entertaining. Top priorities included easy access to entertainment sources, convenience of operation and reliability.

Mediterranean Luxury

See more of this space. The chief goal of this home integration was a technologically advanced system that's also a good fit visually with the home's Mediterranean style and architecture.

Clever Custom Upgrade

See more of this space. This project overhauled an older, dysfunctional home automation system, replacing outdated controls with a new Crestron network. The new integration encompasses AV systems, home audio, lighting, pool and spa, HVAC, motorized shades and closed-circuit TV.

Raising the Bar

See more of this space. This home integration included two straightforward goals: an elegant entertainment system and functional automation that enhances the home's aesthetics. In terms of control, the client asked for a simple and family-friendly user interface, "with real-world functionality, and without bells and whistles."

Cutting-Edge Integration

See more of this space. The client for this integrated home had prior experience in networking and control systems and was closely involved in every phase of the project. A stated objective was to push the limits of what the Control4 automation system could do and to find and try new integration ideas.

Traditional With a Twist

See more of this space. This integration rescue mission took a project that was half finished (wiring and audio speakers only) and transformed it into super-sophisticated system that still maintained a simple UI. High-quality multizone audio was considered critical by the client, as was precise and simple-to-use climate management.

Dream Home Realized

See more of this space. This 11,000-square-foot dream home cried out for a home automation system that was both comprehensive and easy to use. Controls include audio/video, lighting, motorized shades, climate control, security, fountains, patio heaters and pool/spa — all under the command of a Crestron system controlled via in-wall touch panels and iPads.

Modern Luxury

See more of this space. The clients for this project had two houses on the same property. They wanted them outfitted with the latest technology, creating a seamless and exciting experience. Further, they wanted to be able to control all of their systems from one single device and the ability to switch among those systems with ease.

Captivating Estate

See more of this space. The system installed in this home includes 27 zones of audio with 16 source inputs, 14 zones of distributed HDMI video with 14 source inputs, whole-home lighting control and 67 monitored security zones.

Intuitive & Sophisticated

See more of this space. The client for this project was in search of a high level of integration to create efficiencies, reduce energy consumption and enjoy new technologies. A related initiative was to maintain an overall look that complemented an award-winning interior design.

Mountain View

See more of this space. The objective in this 7000-square-foot home was to create the "ultimate entertaining pad" with all the AV bells and whistles but integrated in a way that blends with the decor. The entire system, which includes 45 zones of distributed audio and a 3-D-capable home theater, is controlled from a simple, unified interface which can be accessed from any part of the house.

Go West

See more of this space. For this project the owner tasked the design team with filling the house with cutting-edge technology — then making it disappear. For the controls, he requested that they be simple enough for his 6-year-old grandson to operate. And one final request: "No ugly rock speakers!" Vote for your favorite integrated home.

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