Handsome Walk-In Closet

Brian Patrick Flynn updates his walk-in closet after reconfiguring the doorway.

Organized Design

To make the most of his walk-in closet, Brian Patrick Flynn created three zones: a floor-to-ceiling cubby for neck ties, vertical space with drawers for accessories and open storage, and an entire wall dedicated to double hanging rods.

Envisioning the Remodel

Prior to the remodel, there was no place within the master bedroom to house a dresser and a TV. Flynn decided to close off the existing closet door and create an opening between the master bathroom and the walk-in closet.

Finished Result

Now a low-profile dresser and flat screen TV sit in front of the old closet entrance.

Compartmentalized Storage

An architectural cubby that runs the height of the closet was built to organize neck ties.

Sliding Shoe Rack

To keep shoes easily accessible yet neatly tucked away, a pull-out shoe rack was installed directly into the baseboards with drywall screws and L-brackets.

Shirts on Display

Flynn suggests using a combination of open and closed shelving to add visual interest and easy storage.

Hats Off

To keep hats neat and within arm’s reach, they're stored on clear glass shelves.

A Place for Everything

To make room for the small things while eliminating clutter, Flynn added drawer organizers with compartments for watches, cuff links, sunglasses and jewelry.

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