Girl's Nature-Inspired Bedroom

Mixing different shades of green creates a nature-inspired bedroom for a girl.

For the Love of Green

Zoe Kon got a new all-green bedroom months before her eleventh birthday. The tween wanted her room packed with several shades of the color, including the grassy green in the wallpaper, the kelly green on the desk chair and bookshelves, and the lime and celery tones in the bedding.

Whimsical Wallpaper

Green symbolizes nature and earth. To bring a sense of the outdoors inside to Zoe's bedroom, the walls were covered in grass-green-and-white wallpaper with a ginkgo leaf pattern. In addition to its sense of nature, the print also packs the room with graphic impact.

Big Green Bookcase

To accommodate Zoe's huge collection of books, ready-made bookcases were assembled, then installed on the right wall of the room, a few feet from Zoe's daybed.

Glamorous Green

To add overhead lighting to the room, Zoe's contractor replaced the existing ceiling fan with a wood and mirror chandelier. The mirrors help break up the heavy use of green and its reflective quality plays with the light in a captivating way. The mirror's gleam also adds a touch of glamorous, feminine elegance.

Mixing and Matching Patterns

Zoe's daybed is the focal point of her room. To tie together the different shades of green used throughout the space, the daybed was dressed with bedding and pillows featuring kelly green, grass green and lime green, with a gingham duvet cover and throw pillows made from botanical print fabric.

Feminine Elements

Although the overall aesthetic of Zoe's layered green bedroom is gender neutral, a few feminine elements are present, including 32-inch-tall glass lamps used on each side of the daybed for task lighting.

A Flooring Focal Point

Aside from the wallpaper, Zoe's new floors were the biggest aspect of her room's new design. Wall-to-wall carpet was replaced with gray-toned engineered wood flooring that cost only $1.89 per square foot. Since the flooring is engineered, it's durable and can withstand the wear and tear dished out by an active tween and her friends.

Cool Window Treatments

Although the 10-foot-wide window above Zoe's daybed is the room's main source of light during the day, the California sun gets unbearable in the afternoon. To keep the room cool, a custom Roman shade made of grassy green velvet and a thermal liner was installed.

Button Hardware

To add a playful element to the daybed, plastic drawer pulls shaped like large green buttons were installed.

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