Design a Craftsman Living Room

From rich wood trim to antiques, get tips for using interior details that embody Craftsman design.
By: Jeannie Matteucci

Craftsman Bungalow Design

This home style articulates simpler times, while celebrating handmade details and originality. Craftsman interiors are warm and inviting with dark wood elements.

Modest Interiors

Natural materials, specialty wood and hand-crafted details are the hallmarks of these homes. The design objective is to keep the interiors as uncluttered and simple as possible.

Creative Details

Craftsman-style homes feature sparse furnishings and accessories that reflect a humble approach to design. Antique lamps and mica-shaded light fixtures are a great fit for a classic Craftsman design. Include Mission-style wood furniture to add warmth and richness to the space.

Wood Flooring

The essence of Craftsman interiors are inviting with a cottage-like feel. Refinish or install hardwood floors and use area rugs to add intimacy to the space.

Earthy Color

Keep walls a neutral color to stay true to the Craftsman style. Many home improvement stores offer historical color selections that can be a perfect fit for these homes, or go for wood-paneled walls with a neutral stain that allows the grain of the wood to shine. Learn more about Arts & Crafts architecture on

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