Colorful Closet in the Attic

Brian Patrick Flynn transforms a dingy attic into a walk-in closet with a pop of color.

Glamour Up Above

Joel and Molly's attic was dark, dingy and completely disorganized. Now, the space is a walk-in closet packed with color, shelving and storage.

Island Time

To maximize storage, a ready-made island was assembled and outfitted with custom-cut mirrors. Behind, open shelving houses baskets and shoes.

Integrated Island Storage

Joel and Molly fold clothes on the island's surface and utilize the concealed storage below.

Mirror, Mirror

Full-length mirrored cabinet doors help reflect light in the closet while allowing Joel and Molly to try on outfits.

Sliding Closet Rods

To maximize the storage space, the height and depth of each cabinet was considered. A pull-out closet rod allows shirts to hang facing forward.

Hanging Storage

Installing two pull-out closet rods side by side allows Joel to see his dress shirts and dress pants in pairs. Meanwhile, the keen use of depth frees up the area below for other purposes.

Glass-topped Drawers

The space below Joel’s closet houses Molly’s jewelry and accessories. A clear glass top allows Molly to look directly into the drawer without having to rummage through it to find what she's looking for.

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