CEDIA 2013 Integrated Home Finalist: Uncluttered Integration

Uncluttered Integration

The tech-savvy owners of this home were looking for a fully integrated and advanced system with a particular focus on enhancing the ability to entertain family and friends. Because of their familiarity with available technologies, and their clear objectives, the clients took a hands-on approach to the integration design. Find a home technology professional near you.

Uncluttered Integration

Top priorities included easy access to entertainment sources, convenience of operation and reliability. The entire home is easily controlled via smartphone, tablet, hand-held touch-screen remotes and two wall-mounted touch screens.

Uncluttered Integration

The full integration encompasses a centralized audio and video system with 16 audio and seven video zones.

Uncluttered Integration

Also included are 70 loads of lighting control, 24 zones of security, video surveillance and a man cave that includes a 150" projection system and golf simulator.

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