CEDIA 2013 Integrated Home Finalist: Tech-Savvy Style

Tech-Savvy Style

The system in this home, controllable via iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android, features audio distributed to 16 zones, with eight audio sources available to each. Find a home technology professional near you.

Tech-Savvy Style

Each room features a local Apple TV. Video sources include a 2 Sky HD with DVR, Sky HD without DVR, DirecTV HD DVR and DirecTV.

Tech-Savvy Style

The audio system is centralized in the gaming room location as are the rack system and Crestron Sonnex with Expander.

Tech-Savvy Style

In addition to a video zone for every room, the whole home integration includes lighting and drapes control that's linked to opening/closing of individual room doors, access control for the two main doors and precise temperature control throughout the house. Window shades adjust on time schedules so that furniture is protected from sunlight. In all, there are 130 lighting zones and 20 controlled drapes and 13 separate temperature zones.

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