CEDIA 2013 Integrated Home Finalist: Seamless Functionality

Seamless Functionality

The client for this project wanted an integrated home where each subsystem, both inside and outside the home, could be controlled by iPhone and iPad mini. Find a home technology professional near you.

Seamless Functionality

The system incorporates six separate audio/video zones: living room, game/rec room, master bedroom, exercise room, craft room and this outdoor BBQ area. For audio content, each AV zone is equipped with a Sonos Playbar and subwoofer to give him a surround sound listening experience from a full range of Internet-based content sources including Pandora, Spotify and AM/FM radio.

Seamless Functionality

Automated operations include window shades, thermostat and fan control, all managed via iOS application.

Seamless Functionality

Each of the video zones pull video content from a centralized AV rack containing two DirecTV receivers, an Apple TV and a Blu-ray player. The rack is housed in a wine closet, so the rack had to be designed to fit aesthetically within that environment.

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