CEDIA 2013 Integrated Home Finalist: Naturally Sophisticated

Naturally Sophisticated

The clients for this integrated home insisted on advanced technology — and especially high-quality audio in every room — without taking away from the beauty of the home. Find a home technology professional near you.

Naturally Sophisticated

A Crestron Sonnex Multiroom Audio System distributes music to 10 audio zones throughout the home. The living room includes a 5.1 surround system with Paradigm speakers powered by an Integra receiver.

Naturally Sophisticated

An objective was to minimize the visual impact of electronics. The homeowners are able to hear great sound and see stunning video without visible evidence of the elaborate distribution and control system.

Naturally Sophisticated

Equipment includes Apple TV, Sony TV screens and Blu-ray, Crestron distribution and control interfaces, Integra power amp and CD changer, Panamax line conditioning and Paradigm speakers.

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