CEDIA 2013 Integrated Home Finalist: Mediterranean Luxury

Mediterranean Luxury

The chief goal of this home integration was a technologically advanced system that was also a good fit with the home's Mediterranean style and architecture. Find a home technology professional near you.

Mediterranean Luxury

The scope of the project was to provide the most up-to-date sound, video, lighting and security technology while allowing full control from iPad or iPhone.

Mediterranean Luxury

The largest challenge in the installation was the outdoor theater and pool area which, because of limestone flooring and other reflective surfaces, presented audio problems in terms of echo and feedback. The designers were ultimately able to optimize the sound in this difficult space through the use of acoustical treatments and a variety of carefully selected loudspeakers.

Mediterranean Luxury

The Savant control system was utilized to full extent, allowing control of elements ranging from the A/V systems to gas lights — all via iPad or iPhone.

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