CEDIA 2013 Integrated Home Finalist: Low-Maintenance Lodge

Low-Maintenance Lodge

This project links two identical vacation cabins, owned by two brothers, through a single system that allows for a variety of technological amenities in an isolated and rural setting. Find a home technology professional near you.

Low-Maintenance Lodge

The objective was to enable such electronic systems as integrated audio and video, Internet connectivity, alarm and camera systems, all without sacrificing the simple and rustic appeal of the cabins.

Low-Maintenance Lodge

Home entertainment elements in each of the two cabins include streaming audio throughout, discrete TV viewing areas, satellite receivers, DVR and Blu-ray, and an HDMI distribution matrix to tie the system together.

Low-Maintenance Lodge

In the remote location, Internet connectivity and bandwidth were a challenge. That challenge was met by tying into an existing network that had been installed earlier at a nearby lodge owned by the same family. The ability to connect with that existing network infrastructure allowed for enough bandwidth to achieve the goals of the project.

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