An Energetic Boy's Red Bedroom

A boy's bedroom is transformed into a fun and colorful space packed with red details.

A Boy's Inspiration

Inspired by his favorite superheroes — Spider-Man, Captain America and Superman — Mino Kon had his bedroom remodeled into a multipurpose activity and sleeping space packed with his favorite color, red. Use red as an accent color, because it can become overpowering. In Mino's room, red was used sparingly, allowing the room to be balanced yet still energetic.

Extra Lounge Space

Prior to the room remodel, there was no space for Mino to lounge around with friends, mostly due to his old loft bed, which created wasted space above and below it. Thanks to his new loft bed, there's plenty of space below to play or sit and visit with friends. The fire engine-red boucle upholstery of his swivel chairs instantly made the sculptural seating the star of the show.

Mino's Secret Hiding Spot

Known for its ability to radiate warmth, red was the color of choice for bedding in the sleeping area of Mino's new loft bed. Mino says: "You don't even know it's red until you get up here. From the floor it all looks blue and white. It's like a secret hiding spot; you only see the red if I invite you up."

A Step Ladder and Room Divider

Mino's room is only 8 feet by 9 feet, so it was important to stick with furniture that wouldn't make it feel cramped or closed in. To integrate steps into his loft bed architecturally and allow the abundant natural light to stream inside the lounge space below, seven capsule shapes were cut out for Mino's tiny feet and spaced close together. This not only allows for him to climb swiftly and safely, but it also acts as a room divider between the lounge space and the homework area.

Ladder Details for Safety

Although Mino's red-packed room is meant for activity, safety is Stacy's first area of concern. To ensure the integrated steps of the loft bed are safe, they are lined with strips of nonslip tape.

A Fire Engine-Red Homework Station

Red is a stimulant, so it was the perfect color for Mino's homework and craft station. Ready-made cabinets in a glossy red lacquer finish from a big box retailer made a spot for Mino to work on school assignments or get creative with crafts. The workstation was integrated architecturally below the room's 8-foot window.

High-End Upholstery Without a High Price Tag

Although Mino's desk chair needed to be comfortable, sturdy and stylish, incorporating one into the room for under $200 was even more important. A $59 parsons chair from a big box retailer filled the bill after it was professionally upholstered with two yards of $7.99 gingham fabric and adorned with polished nickel nailheads. Mino now has custom seating without the custom price tag.

Hard-Working Hardware

Kids' rooms should include a touch of whimsy. Instead of basic hardware for the cabinet doors of Mino's homework station, 8-inch polished nickel towel rings were installed. This unexpected choice also serves double duty: Mino's socks and hand towels can be laid out on the rings before soccer games or T-ball, keeping them organized and within arm's reach.

Countertops for Kids

Since red encourages activity, and active children are prone to spills, scratches and smudges, it was important the desktop surface of Mino's homework station be durable. Instead of wood or lacquered MDF, laminate with a brushed aluminum effect was used. This allows the sleek, modern look of aluminum to be part of the room's design. It has enough durability to withstand sticky fingers and edges of jagged toys.

Smart Storage Solution

From warm and fuzzy stuffed animals to Legos and books, the cabinets of Mino's homework and craft station keep all his favorite things neatly organized and out of sight.

Window Treatments With Color

In order to add a burst of red to the exterior wall of Mino's room, a custom Roman shade was made from fire engine-red canvas and lined with blackout liner. The liner aids in temperature control, keeping the space cooler in the afternoon when the sun's rays are strongest.

Lighting Design

Prior to the room's remodel, there was a lack of lighting. By replacing the ceiling fan with a polished-nickel art deco pendant, the cabinet hardware finish is carried throughout the room.

A Flooring Feature

White bamboo hardwoods were installed in Mino's room for two reasons: to balance the intensity of the room's red accents and to reflect the abundant natural light, making the room appear slightly larger.

Red Accents in the Closet

Similar to how red was used solely in accent pieces throughout Mino's new room, his updated closet is mostly white with four red baskets for a jolt of the high-energy hue.

Other Uses for Red

In addition to symbolizing energy, activity, warmth and emotion, red is also associated with life. A succulent housed in a red porcelain pot adds life to the homework station's work surface.

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