8 Crafty Wrapping Stations

From chaotic to clean and creative, get ideas to outfit your craft room with storage and organization.

Room for Wrapping

The key to a successful wrapping space is great countertop space. This room has lots of room for wrapping large objects, great task lighting, and tons of storage for all your wrapping supplies. And it all can stow away for a clean, uncluttered look.

Colorful Accents

This room has clever storage solutions that turn your wrapping supplies into décor accents. Color-coordinated ribbons and wrapping paper in greens and yellows are hung from shower curtain rods, making it easy to see what you have and pull what you need. Photo courtesy of California Closets


When the wrapping's done, easy clean up is key. In this room, a slatted wall provides flexible shelving for scissors and supplies, so everything has a place. Wood floors make sweep-ups simple, and lots of closed storage means your scraps can be hidden away. Photo courtesy of California Closets

Vertical Storage

When space is at a premium, try going up, and sliding out: Vertical space is used to store wrapping paper in both a graphic and space-efficient way, and a slide-out counter doubles the surface area for wrapping presents. Photo courtesy of California Closets

Clever Magnet Board

In this wrapping room, a cool blue palette is accented with shiny storage solutions. A large magnet board makes it easy to store small objects, hooks hang color-coordinated ribbons, and metal rods hang tubs of art supplies. Design by Sarah Richardson

Playful and Practical

The fresh green color with red accents makes this room a designer showcase in it's own right. Pops of white shelving and the desk add depth and dimension, but it's as practical as it is stylish. The slatted wall allows for flexible shelving to hold boxes of various sizes, which means all your supplies are neatly stowed, yet just a reach away.

Upscale Design

A wrapping room doesn't need to look kitchy— it can easily be designed to match the upscale décor in the rest of your house. This wrap station has tons of storage and a high counter to make wrapping easy, and yet it's full of tall, dark furniture that draws your eye up to the ceiling, and feels stately.


If you're wrapping presents in the back of your car more often than not, a car-friendly wrap kit is for you. A zip-around 3-ring binder holds staples like scissors, tape and glue dots, as well as wrapping paper and ribbons in sheet protectors. Then it all goes into a tote and gets tossed into your trunk for those last-minute wrap jobs. Get step-by-step instructions on Made+Remade

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