5 Great Green Bathrooms

Learn how this calming color adds serenity to your bathroom retreat.
By: Virginia Switzer

Photo By: Frank Murray

Soothing Green

Serene green is ideal for a spa-like retreat because it evokes a sense of renewal. Chamomile-colored glass tiles create a soothing atmosphere while white marble flooring adds a touch of freshness. Photography by Becket Logan. Designed by Celia Berliner

Refreshing Green

We subconsciously associate green with other elements of nature, which is why the color works beautifully in a space where water is present. A pale mint green can soften walls and create a bathroom that is refreshing and relaxing. To add interest, use different shades of green in details.

Energizing Green

Use brighter shades, such as apple green, to make an impact. In this contemporary design, white marble countertops with green veining pop against the neon-green glass tiles. Designed by Celia Berliner

Romantic Green

White subway tile and understated green stripes on the wall create a whimsical retreat for a child. Green is a great color for kids' spaces because it reflects growth. Designed by DC Design House

Luxurious Green

Recover from a long day by soaking in this bathtub surrounded by the greens of nature. A circular area is raised to add definition and elegance, while polished pebble flooring and multicolored glass tiles impart the feel of being outdoors. Designed by Shelly Riehl David
From: Shelly Riehl David

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