NKBA 2013 Bathroom: Out of Africa

A powder room fashioned to draw upon the client's childhood memories of South Africa captures the essence of that country with unconventional elements and design.

Photo By: Photo Credit: Suki Medencevic

Photo By: Photo Credit: Suki Medencevic

Photo By: Photo Credit: Suki Medencevic

Out of Africa

Wood-lined walls, a leather vanity, chiseled-limestone counter, slate flagstone flooring and natural branches are some of the elements used to create a rustic atmosphere and evoke a cultural context.  

Out of Africa

The framing plan accommodates a hidden tank for the wall-hung toilet and four narrow medicine cabinets, plus lighting strips alongside the mirror. The curved-front vanity covered with faux leather, plus a clever use of branches as functional pieces to hold towels, help suggest the earthiness of the African landscape.  

Out of Africa

The bathroom doubles as a mini museum with artful niches highlighting a large wood sculpture of an elongated African man, a shorter friend and other artifacts.  

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