Cheap vs. Steep: Toilets

Browse photos of toilet options in various price ranges to find the best fit for your bathroom remodel.

Cheap: Standard Two-Piece Toilet

Save money on your bathroom remodel by installing a standard two-piece toilet. Image courtesy of Kohler Co.

Cheap: Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

Taller than standard toilets, elongated two-piece toilets are more comfortable for most homeowners and more accessible for people who use wheelchairs or walkers. Photo Courtesy of Gerber Plumbing

Mid-Range: One-Piece Toilet

An upgrade from a standard two-piece toilet, one-piece toilets are easy to clean since they have no seams. Photo courtesy of Kohler Co.

Mid-Range: One-Piece Toilet

One-piece toilets are available in many sleek styles that look great in modern or contemporary bathrooms. Photo courtesy of INAX Corp.

Steep: Built-In Bidet

Available to homeowners willing to spend extra on their bathroom fixtures, a toilet with a built-in bidet adds convenience and saves space in your bathroom’s design. Photo courtesy of INAX Corp.

Steep: Wall-Mounted Toilet

A sleek alternative to the basic toilet, wall-mounted toilets save space and complement contemporary and modern bathroom designs. Photo courtesy of Toto USA, Inc.

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