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August 5

Shop Smart for a Shower and Bathtub

Remodeling your bathroom can mean choosing a new tub and shower. Expert designers tell you how to choose these vital features with …

by Alicia Garceau

August 5

Plan Your Total Bathroom Remodel Budget

Don't send money down the drain during your bathroom remodel. Expert contractors and bathroom designers help you get the most out …

by Alicia Garceau

August 4

Remodeling Tips for the Master Bath

When redoing your master bathroom, consider incorporating luxury into the design to create a customized retreat.

by Alicia Garceau

August 3

How to Relocate a Ceiling Fixture

If your light's not hitting the right spot, follow these step-by-step instructions.

January 25

Tech-Savvy Ways to Upgrade Your Wedding

Simplify the wedding planning process and make your big day even more memorable with these apps, gadgets and clever ideas.

by Carley Knobloch

January 25

Kitchen 2.0: Design a Smarter Cooking Space

From high-tech gadgets to space-saving solutions, these clever kitchen updates will streamline your cooking and cleaning routine.

by Carley Knobloch

January 25

DIY Home Security Tips

Don't have the budget for a professional home security system? Try these inexpensive, do-it-yourself solutions that will make your …

by Carley Knobloch

January 23

50 Shades of Gray Interiors

Greige &#151 a mix of of beige and gray &#151 is still the hottest neutral, but a darker, slate gray is making its way into interi …

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January 21

Kitchen Countertops: Beautiful, Functional Design Options

Explore your options and find new ideas from these pictures of kitchen countertops in materials ranging from wood, granite, solid …

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