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January 16

Top Wedding Planning Apps

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but a little tech savviness will help with some of the hassle. Check out our favorite apps th …

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January 16

11 Clever Ways to Get Your Wedding Guests Involved

It may be <i>your</i> big day, but it’s your guests who can kick the experience into high gear and make your wedding unforgettable …

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January 16

8 DIY Home Security Devices

With installation and subscription fees, traditional home security systems can be daunting – or out of the budget. Try these affor …

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January 16

12 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home's Security

Investing in a high-end security system isn’t the only way to feel safe in your home. Keep burglars at bay with these simple, inex …

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January 16

Making a Tiny Apartment Livable

Blogger Caitlin Flemming uses expert space planning to design a living room, workspace, bedroom and dining room in her 375-square- …

by Brian Patrick Flynn

January 16

10 Clever Updates for a Clutter-Free Kitchen

Coffee makers, toaster ovens, cleaning equipment – lots of things can clutter a kitchen. For a clean design, keep your kitchen ess …

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January 16

How to Choose a Bathtub

Consider factors like bathroom size and features when shopping for a tub for your remodel.

by John Riha

January 16

Solving Basement Design Problems

Mechanical systems and other obstacles can present design opportunities. Get tips for tackling the most common problems.

January 16

Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation Costs

Expect nearly a third of your budget to go for cabinets and hardware.

January 16

Sliding Closet Doors: Design Ideas and Options

Customize your sliding closet doors to be a perfect fit for your home, family and lifestyle.

by Jennifer Crutchfield

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