Single-Family Home That was Originally Built as a Duplex Goes From Having Two Doors to Just a Door

Episode HREIN-509H

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  • June 25, 2013

    7:00 AM e/p

Jenna Glasser lives in the Historic District of Dallas Texas. Her home was built in 1903 and was originally a duplex. It was later converted into a single-family home in the 1980's. But some of the original features of the house are still intact including the walls that are covered with planks and most noticeably the house's two front doors. Jenna only uses one of the doors and the functioning one opens to the dining room. Stager/Designer Cora Sue Anthony loves the quirks of Jenna's home but it's truly important to stage the home in a way that future homebuyers will appreciate those quirks than bypass the house because of it. She proposes to switch the dining room with the living room so that people actually first see the living room when they enter the house. Also, updating the kitchen by putting in granite countertops and opening up the wall that's dividing the kitchen to the living room would emanate a more open feel. Meanwhile, Realtor Julie Provenzano show Jenna two comparable houses that were built around the same time as her house and have the same architectural quirks and character. Putting into consideration the differences and the similarities of the comparable houses to her home, Jenna will be able to decide the right amount for her home.