Home on the Wrong Side of the Tracks

Episode HREIN-510H

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Courtney and Marcus Thompson live in the suburban area of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. They decided to put their 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom home in the market in order to get a bigger place to accommodate their plans of having children in the near future. Their house is a twin which is commonly referred to as a duplex. Even though their house is in good condition, they are located on the wrong side of the tracks. The competition is fierce with the houses that are on the market in their neighborhood and they are in desperate need of help. Stager/Designer Cora Sue Anthony and her team work their magic to help create an open floor plan that would certainly make the Thompson's home more distinguishable among the rest of their competition. Meanwhile, Realtor Mike Aubrey tours the neighborhood and the competition with Marcus and Courtney. He wants the Thompson's to have a better idea as to what the other homes that are active in their neighborhood have sold for and to be mindful of how much they want to put their home in the market for.