Sibling Realty

Episode HPROV-1009H

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  • June 03, 2014

    10:00 AM e/p

Fast approaching 30 and ready to settle down, rock bar manager Noel is looking to buy a spacious Toronto condo that's just minutes from his work. And since he's already given notice to his landlord, he's got just one month to find, buy and move in to the bachelor pad of his dreams. Enter real estate expert Sandra Rinomato. She promises to lead Noel down the path to home ownership but stresses that even with his ambitious deadline, he's got to stay focused on the essentials. They immediately narrow the search to the city's waterfront communities, and although Noel is impressed by the options, his brother Andy is concerned he may be getting in over his head. Will he blow his budget to accommodate his looming deadline?