Couple Transforms Garage for a Chance to Win Cash

Episode HPFG-202H

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Host Sean Smith challenges Jeremy and Klare Buck to overhaul their unused garage like the pros for a chance to win cash. The space is used for storage and has low ceilings, unlevel floors and no plumbing -- creating a whirlwind of unknowns. Jeremy and Klare want to turn the one dysfunctional space into three fabulous rooms: a family room, mud room, and a bathroom. Sean and his team of experts will judge the quality of the renovation to estimate it's cost. If their estimate is higher than what the homeowners actually spent, Jeremy and Klare will win the difference. Klare is highly confident in the skills that Jeremy has developed as a property manager, but he has never tackled a project like this before. Hopefully his knowledge combined with some creative tactics?recycling materials, improvised plumbing, and online bargain hunting?could win this couple some serious cash. But this project is a total overhaul and there is no room for cutting corners.