Backyard Fire Pit Pity

Episode HOVER-1110H

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  • September 05, 2013

    6:30 AM e/p

Father and son, Vahram and Arin Tarverdians have attempted to renovate their backyard fire pit for over a year now. While father and son have been butting heads with themselves and the construction, Mother and daughter Jani and Christina Tarverdians have been butting heads with the men who wouldn't accept their help. Jani and Christina were so frustrated by the never-ending fire pit project and the guys' lack of progress, they secretly contacted the Over Your Head team. Shocked and surprised by Jani and Christina's gesture, the men fired back. Vahram and Arin told the ''OYH'' team that because Jani and Christina have been so impatient and frustrated, maybe they should build the fire pit. Now, with some help from Host Eric Stromer and Contractor Andy Hampton, it's the ladies' turn to build the fire pit!