A Bathroom Tiling Breakdown

Episode HOVER-1108H

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  • September 26, 2013

    6:30 AM e/p

Soon after Duy and Shannon Nguyen moved into their home three years ago, Duy went straight to work on remodeling the upstairs bathroom for his two boys, Kaden and Cole. Shannon has been wondering when Duy is going to finish updating their boys' bathroom. Unfortunately, Duy became lost in frustration when his first attempt at installing a simple vinyl flooring and fixing the leaky sink ended with the bathroom becoming even more un-usable than when the Nguyens first moved in. Finally, feeling completely overwhelmend and fearing another botched bathroom job, Duy stopped all work when Shannon asked him to install hexagonal mesh tile on the floor. Host Eric Stromer and Contractor Andy Hampton come to the rescue and give Duy the tools he needs to install a new tile floor and finish his boys' bathroom.