Rose Parade Quiz

How much do you know about the Tournament of Roses? Test your knowledge and learn the history of this classic holiday event.
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True or False?

The parade is always held on New Year's Day.


The Tournament of Roses Association upholds tradition with its "Never On a Sunday" rule, which originally began when the association didn't want to disrupt worship services. Though the celebration is held on New Year's Day most years, if the holiday falls on a Sunday the parade is pushed back a day. This year's parade will be held on Thursday, Jan. 1, New Year's Day.

True or False?

The Rose Parade floats can be made of any kind of material.


The Tournament of Roses Parade guidelines state that the entire surface of the float must be covered in botanical materials. Designers use a rendering of the float to decide what natural materials will be used.

True or False?

The parade began as an effort to promote sunny Pasadena as the perfect destination for a mid-winter vacation.


In the late 1800s, members of the Valley Hunt Club came up with the idea to host several sporting events preceded by a grand parade, where contestants would decorate their carriages with beautiful blooms.

True or False?

A single float consists of more flowers than the average florist can sell over the course of several years.


Millions of flowers outfit the amazing floats each year. This 2008 "Aloha Festival" float from Kaiser Permanente featured more than 35,000 roses, orchids, irises, delphinium and hydrangeas.

True or False?

Kitchen Cousins John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino hosted HGTV's 2013 coverage of the Tournament of Roses parade.


Though the Cousins did ride the 2012 Dream Home float, Rob Weller, Chuck Nice and Chris Lambton hosted the 2013 Rose Parade. You can join the fun this year with Johnathan and Drew Scott and Josh Temple alongside entertainment-journalist Nancy O'Dell.

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