Why Compost?

It's not just good for the environment: it's good for the garden!
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The Green Cycler

The Green Cycler

The Green Cycler is one of the countertop compost collectors that makes getting started in your composting adventure easier.

Photo by: Image courtesy of Ecotonix

Image courtesy of Ecotonix

The Green Cycler is one of the countertop compost collectors that makes getting started in your composting adventure easier.

Until you try it, composting may seem like an intimidating prospect. What's the best way to collect your food scraps? What's the best composter to buy? Will it be messy? Will it take a lot of time? 

But there's no time like the present to discover the merits of composting for both keeping food waste out of landfills and for turning waste into rich, beneficial dirt with direct benefits for your garden. But don't just take our word for it.

EcoScraps founder Dan Blake, whose company turns food waste into rich compost, is one of the many advocates of composting and offers these reasons why starting your own compost pile, whether by making a simple mound in your backyard, or by purchasing a home composter makes good sense.

Three Reasons to Try Composting:

  1. Compost delivers a balanced blend of nutrients plants need to grow.
  2. Unlike fertilizers, which act quickly and can burn plants, compost is gentle and slow to release.
  3. Compost adds organic matter to your soil which allows for more oxygen penetration and greater water retention.
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