What to Plant in Acidic Soil

Acidic soils are ideal for a wide range of plants, but these acid-loving or “ericaceous” plants are almost impossible to grow elsewhere. If your soil is not acidic, you can grow them in containers filled with ericaceous compost.

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Coral Bark Japanese Maple

Coral bark Japanese maple is a beautiful small tree that has brilliant coral bark on young branches. Its color intensifies in winter. Deeply cut light green leaves display attractive red margins, and turns golden in fall.

The Bronze Knight

Skimmia is a vigorous evergreen shrub with dark, glossy pointed leaves and clusters of dark-red winter buds.

White Azalea

Azalea Palestrina is a compact, hardy evergreen hybrid with a dense, upright habit. Best in an open situation.It produces trusses of 2 or 3 pure white flowers with faint green markings in the throat.

Witch Alder Shrub

Witch alder, or large fothergilla, is a suckering deciduous shrub that grows in a rounded mound. Noteworthy for turning brilliant reds, oranges and yellows, often all colors on the same plant, in fall. It smells like delicate honey.

Cornish Heath

Erica vagans, Cornish heath, has distinctive blooms with lilac color add a unique ingredient to the beauty of a garden in late summer. Its reddish brown seed heads hang on through the winter adding a decorative touch to the landscape.

China Girl Produces Large White Bracts in Spring

The flowerheads of the China Girl dogwood are large white bracts and profusely bloom in late spring and early summer. Fall brings deep red-purple leaf color and striking raspberry-like fruit.

Pernettya Berries

Spring flowers, attractive fall and winter berries and fine leaf texture combine to make the Pernettya mucronata a nice plant to use in the landscape. These versatile, low growing plants work well in containers or in landscape borders.

Red Camellia

Camellia japonica, Guilio Nuccio Camellia, is an upright plant with large, semi double, coral pink blooms with irregular petals. It is an evergreen with glossy foliage.

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