What to Plant at Exposed Sites

Gardens in open areas are vulnerable to dehydration, wind damage and over-drying. These plants are adapted to storing water and surviving harsh conditions.

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Beautiful Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bushes are large, fast growing, deciduous shrubs whose lilac pink flowers are irresistible to butterflies.

Blackthorn Tree

Prunus spinosa, Purpurea or Blackthorn, is a rare purple-leafed form with masses of pretty spring flowers and leaves that are an attractive bronze purple green color.

Sea Kale

Sea kale, Crambe maritima, is a clump-forming perennial growing about 3 feet high and wide. The plant's gray-blue foliage is much like true kale, but the flowers are white and produced in large masses. Its stems can be eaten.

Juniper Shrub

Juniperus squamata, Meyeri, is an upright, bushy female cultivar. It is noted for its attractive steel blue foliage. It is tolerant of extreme weather.

Othonna Shrub

Othonna cheirifolia produces tight mats whose foliage resembles tiny upright silver blue spoons and are topped by yellow daisies in late spring. Suited for hot sun, a well-drained rock garden or a drought-prone seasonal container.

Groundcover Rose

Hertfordshire is a groundcover rose, with large clusters of flat carmine pink blooms, freely produced from summer to fall.

Curry Plant

Curry plant looks very similar to a lavender in its leaf stage but totally different in bloom. It likes warm, dry conditions and thrives on sunny slopes where it attracts beneficial insects to its unusual flowers.

Griselinia Hedge

Griselinia is a dense evergreen with soft, glossy apple green leaves on soft green stems. It does well when trimmed to shape and quickly establishes a mature hedge. It prefers full sun and is suitable for seaside gardens.

Sea Worthy

Tamarisk is a graceful hardy shrub, remarkably distinct in its feathery growth and pale pink flowers. It withstands winds and sea spray along the coast.

Ruby Red

Cinquefoil is a large genus, including a number of shrubby plants with foliage and flowers. It is a sprawling plant best seen as a border edging plant or in the rock garden. They bloom in summer with mahogany red flowers.

Pineapple Broom

Cytisus battandieri, Argyrocytisus, the Pineapple Broom is a rare but desirable small tree. The foliage is velvety in texture with lemon yellow flowers produced in summer which have an amazingly rich pineapple scent.

Blue Fescue

Blue fescue is tufted evergreen grass with spikelets of blue green flowers in summer.

Yellow Horned Poppy

Yellow horned poppy, or Glaucium flavum, has leaves covered in a waxy coating to protect it from salt spray and reduce water loss. Its taproot penetrates deep into shingle in search of water beneath. It blooms through most of the summer.

Sea Buckthorn

Sea buckthorn produces small, tart berries that appear in abundance in late summer. Citrus flavored fruit matures in early fall and is wonderful in tea, jams, jellies and as a juice. Silvery green foliage makes this an ideal ornamental.

Rosemary Shrub

Rosemary is best known as a kitchen herb but can grow into large resilient shrubs, tolerant of poor soil.

Corn Cockle

Corn cockle grows on thin, narrow foliage and slender, wiry flower stems. Flower color is a rich, plummy pink. It requires full sun and poor soil making it good for exposed areas.

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