Identifying Garden Pest Damage

Pests are often only identifiable by the damage they cause. Keep an eye out for bite marks and root damage.
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Leaf eelworms kill leaf tissues and spread in water on leaves. Clearing away damaged foliage reduces their spread. Replace badly affected plants.

Very Hungry Caterpillars

Caterpillars can strip leaves bare. Some are obvious, living in colonies, often beneath webbing. Others feed on plant roots, or work at night, hiding under foliage by day. Use contact insecticides when picking off doesn’t work, and dig out soil-dwelling caterpillars when they reveal themselves.


Slug damage is most common on vulnerable plants like this hosta; they will need protection with slug control materials, or biological controls.

Capsid Bugs

Capsid bugs are seldom noticed until it is too late. Insecticides applied when the damage is in its early stages may help, as can good weed control.