Garden Hoses: Top Picks

Throw out that sun-baked garden hose and get a new one with improved features and performance. 

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Made by a family-owned company in Oregon, this 50- or 100-foot garden hose weighs only 3 pounds and is extremely strong, soft and reliably flexible in all weather conditions. Merlot Slim & Light Professional Garden Hose;

Premium Duty

This Gilmour Flexogen hose, available at Wayfair, features an 8-layer construction for strength and kink resistance. Foam layers mean it's also lightweight. Bonus: it's easy to store and carry. 


For those who hate hoses that tangle and kink, get this unique outdoor hose that features a tough, multi-layered inner mechanism that's covered in super strong nylon webbing. It is designed to expand when water is turned on, and retracts when water is shut off. Xhose Pro Expandable Garden Hose;

Get the Kinks Out

Teknor’s garden hose features a special Microshield antimicrobial protective coating and a Power Coil collar that prevents kinks from forming at the faucet. Teknor Commercial Neverkink Professional Hose;


Legacy MFG’s is made of a premium hybrid polymer that is abrasion and crush resistant. It’s also lightweight and lays flat until you’re ready to coil it. Flexzilla 5/8-inch x 50-foot ZillaGreen Garden Hose;

Go-To Hose

With a durable, 4-ply reinforced vinyl construction, Gilmour’s garden hose has good burst strength and a build that won’t quit. Medium Duty Garden Hose by Gilmour;

Drink Up!

This 100-foot hose by Element is lead-free and family-friendly, making it safe to drink water from. It's also lined with a bacteria and mold inhibitor for extra protection. Element Garden Hose;


This flat garden hose is truly unique. Bend it, fold it, ball it up or whatever you’d like. Melnor 75-foot Flat Soaker Hose.

Heavy Duty

From a tried and true brand, Goodyear, this garden hose is all about heavy-duty functionality. Don’t worry about this one failing! Goodyear Rubber All-Weather Rubber Hose;

Swan Song

Made from medical-grade vinyl with nickel-plated, corrosion-resistant couplings, this garden hose is lead-free, making it safe for drinking. Swan Marine & Camper Water Hose;


This modern hose is made from 100 percent polyether-based polyurethane, allowing it to remain flexible in all weather conditions. Its coiled shape slides smoothly over hard surfaces, making it ideal for watering on patios, decks, driveways and walkways. Professional Series Coil Garden Hose;

Industrial Strength

WaterWorks’ industrial strength hose is designed for landscapers, but why not bring it home for special projects? Its abrasive-resistant reinforced plastic exterior won’t scratch while lugging it around the garden. Industrial Garden Hose;

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