Get Set, Grow! Plants for Pots and Container Gardens

Just about any plants, from small trees to vegetables and herbs, can be grown in a container. Here, a sampling of the many options.

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©2009, Dorling Kindersley Limited

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Ornamental Grass in Terra Cotta Decorative Duo

Decorative plants are potted in three identical containers against a wall painted with a complementary color. The visual that is created is quite striking for a contemporary garden space.

Tulipa Whittallii Bend and Swoop Like Swans

Tulipa whittallii tulip features various shades of orange set off with a dark, round heart. When the sun shines through this flower, it looks like it is on fire. Excellent for rock gardens, front of borders, forcing and containers.

El Toro House Leek Forms Succulent Rosettes

Sempervivum, El Toro, are also known as hens and chicks. These familiar succulents make wonderful container plants or ground covers in dry areas. Reaching up to 7 inches across, the rosettes are red purple.

African Lily Forms Closely Set Flowerheads

Agapanthus Headbourne hybrids, or African lily, bears large drumstick heads of flowers from midsummer on. They can be grown in a pot or tub. Attractive to butterflies and features flowers in a range of light and dark blue shades.

Geraniums Flower Continuously Summer Until Frost

The geranium, zonal, is an annual flower named for the horseshoe shaped band of dark color in the leaves of most varieties. They are upright bushes covered with colorful flowers on long stems held above the plant giving a burst of color.

Lavender Plants Displayed in Matching Silver Pots

Matching muted silver pots on a garden bench are the perfect choice for lavender plants.

Clipped Boxwoods Featured in Metal Pots

A row of clipped boxwoods create visual interest in tall metal planters, as well as hide fence panels in this small space.

Potted Palm Suits This City Basement Level Garden

Potted plants and sculptural tree give this city town house garden a classic look.

Spring Bulbs Offer Seasonal Garden Display

Annual bulbs, such as spring narcissus, plus shrubby clipped topiaries make a pretty seasonal display to brighten a basement garden.

Yucca Makes Impact Against Contrasting Color

A bold yucca plant stands out in front of a brightly colored wall, making quite an impact in the garden.

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