Get Growing and Get Happy

Gardening may reduce depression and stress.
Modern Figure Heads Peek Through Garden Foliage

Modern Figure Heads Peek Through Garden Foliage

Modern figure heads peek through lotus leaves adding whimsy to garden setting. Sculptural features and garden art add interest and a focal point to a garden design. It can be statuary, a water feature, boulders or pottery.

©2009, Dorling Kindersley Limited

2009, Dorling Kindersley Limited

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On a cold, gray winter’s day, when you’re feeling out-of-sorts and grumpy, do you ever imagine plunging your hands into warm, sunny soil and immediately feel a little lift?

I bet a lot of you are nodding “yes.” After all, ask die-hard fans why they garden, and their answers usually go beyond a home-grown tomato or a beautiful front yard. Most people who’ve been bitten by the gardening bug seem to understand how pleasurable it is to putter in the dirt, and how relaxing it can be to make things grow.

Now research is proving what gardeners have always intuitively known – that gardening is great for your mind and spirit:

As for me? I don’t need science to prove what I already know: that gardening just plain feels good.

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