How to Make a Lavender-Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stands are a great way to capture the essence of summer. Give yours a little advantage with an upgrade of lavender.

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Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Photo By: Photo by Sam Henderson

Lemonade Stand Upgrade

Lavender takes plain lemonade to new heights. You will need:

2 cups boiling water

1 cup sugar

1.5 tablespoons dried lavender (or a handful of fresh)

1.5 cups fresh lemon juice (about 10)

2.5 cups cold water


lemons and lavender for garnish

Steeping the Lavender

Add lavender and sugar to a heat-proof bowl while you boil water. Add boiling water to bowl and steep for at least 30 minutes (longer for stronger lavender flavor).

Straining the Lavender

Strain the lavender from the syrup and discard the lavender.

Adding the Lemon

Cut, seed and juice enough lemons to yield 1.5 cups of fresh juice.

Adding the Water

Add cold water to the mixture and stir to fully combine all ingredients. Refrigerate until ready to serve.


Pour lemonade in glasses with ice and garnish with a lemon slice and lavender sprigs.

Make Your Stand

This lemonade stand commands attention with bright yellow and purple stripes and a yellow pendant banner. It is made from a simple PVC frame wrapped in painted canvas. The banner is actually attached to the canvas and folded over. The sign is scrap wood drilled with holes for hanging with rope. The letters were printed from the computer and applied with glue stick.

Encouraging Enterprise

Managing a lemonade stand is a fun and educational summer activity for kids. Give them a head start with a product that is sure to beat the competition.

Lovely Lemonade

The purple and yellow work so nicely together in this lavender lemonade stand.

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