How to Harvest and Store Your Crops

Picking crops at the right moment guarantees the best flavor and means your produce is in perfect condition for storing.
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Lift and Twist Ripe Apples Off Stem

When picking apples, gently lift and twist fruits, and if ripe, they will part from the tree easily. Do not pull apples off, since this will break or damage the stem.

Harvest Zucchini Frequently in Summer

Pick zucchini frequently so that plant will keep producing. Do not let fruits get too big before harvesting. Cut fruits from plant with a sharp knife instead of twisting or pulling them from stem.

Sun Curing Pumpkin Harvest Prolongs Shelf Life

Colorful squashes develop hard skins when left to cure in the sun. The tougher the skin, the more water they will retain, thereby prolonging their shelf life.

Homemade Pesto Made with Fresh Herbs from Garden

Homemade pesto is easy to making using fresh basil, garlic, pine nuts, oil and Parmesan cheese. Try other herbs as a substitute for the basil, such as thyme, arugula or oregano.

Freezing Fruit for Later Use

Freezing fruit is the quickest way to keep berries for winter use. Lay fruit on shallow pans and freeze. Then, store frozen fruit in freezer bags, and use as needed.

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