7 Canning Jars That Can Hold It All

There are more options out there than the classic Mason jars.
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Photo By: Image courtesy of IKEA

Photo By: Image courtesy of Kohl’s

Photo By: Image courtesy of Kaufmann Mercantile

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Photo By: Image courtesy of Wayfair

Photo By: Image courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Tight Squeeze

A jar with an airtight seal like IKEA’s Korken will retain the delicious flavor of whatever’s inside for much longer than its twist-on cap brother. 2 qt. Korken Jar; ikea.com

Good Egg

Sauces, pickles, jams, you name it. These 13.75 oz jars have an understated egg shape that’s easy on the eyes. Amici by Global Amici 6-pack; kohls.com

Big and Tall

Talk about variety. Weck makes canning jars from tiny to mega for the adventurous canner in you. These will definitely last a lifetime. Weck Canning Jars; store.kaufmann-mercantile.com


Leifheit’s jars come in .75 L and 1 L sizes, and almost seem too beautiful to actually use. Preserving Jars, Set of 6; wayfair.com


For the "picklers" in the house, these 18.7 fl. ounce jars made in the UK won’t absorb flavors or odors, so they can be used over and over. Preserving Pickles Jars, Set of 4; williams-sonoma.com


Last, but definitely not least are our tried-and-true Kerr jars. These beauties are still made in America and come in the affordable 12-pack that we all know so well. Kerr Jars; wayfair.com

Sippy Cup

Ready to go beyond canning with your jars? Turn that classic Mason jar into a sippy cup or commuter mug to keep it homestead cool with this stainless steel lid.

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