Dig It! Attack of the Giant Garden Pots

Add drama and glamor to your garden with large flower pots.
Handcrafted Pots from Lunaform

Handcrafted Pots from Lunaform

Add drama to your entrance with a large flower pot like these 44″ handcrafted pots from Lunaform.

Photo by: Image courtesy of Lunaform.

Image courtesy of Lunaform.

Add drama to your entrance with a large flower pot like these 44″ handcrafted pots from Lunaform.

Nothing adds drama to your garden like an enormous flower pot, glazed or terracotta, concrete or cast stone. Some of the biggest are also winter weather resistant, so you don’t have to worry about a bumper crop of plantsicles or a pot that becomes a cracked and damaged antiquity after one rough winter. However, because plants are more vulnerable in pots than they are in the ground during the winter, remember to take extra care in protecting your outdoor pots in chilly weather. The good news about big pots is, the bigger the pot, the more soil — and therefore better insulation for your green lovelies.

If you live in an especially cold climate and can’t overwinter your containers in a greenhouse or garage, and you are worried about plants, you might consider planting them in the ground for the winter and then repotting when warmer weather comes back around.

Lunaform makes high end all-weather steel reinforced planters and garden containers that grace New York City’s Rockefeller Center and the grounds of a certain perfectionist home decor maven. The hand-built vessels created by this Maine design studio have the aura of something from a classic Greek or Roman garden.

When it comes to gardening grandiosity, few gardens match the Biltmore Estate, which now exports its sense of scale to home gardeners via Unique Stone with a collection of ginormous planters that can trick out you modest Seventies ranch with some Vanderbilt-worthy bling.

Two of the cast stone 34” Esplanade Urns would make an elegant demarcation of a driveway, steps or pathway. Almost all of us know how the right picture frame can transform even a simple photograph into a gallery-worthy work of art. And the same is true of planters in their ability to set off your plants and shrubs.

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