Clever Container Garden Ideas

Creative DIY container garden ideas we’ve found around the Web

Echeverias and Other Succulents in Mixed Pots

Echeverias and Other Succulents in Mixed Pots

©2011, Dorling Kindersley Limited

2011, Dorling Kindersley Limited

Bonus container garden idea: Create an office setting for a group of echeverias and other succulents in mixed pots in an old metal cabinet drawer.

Gayla Trail recently posted a tutorial on how to create your own DIY garden containers out of just about anything. Just in case you need more inspiration, we thought we’d share a few creative DIY container garden ideas we’ve found around the Web:

Get the Boot: There’s nothing cuter than a row of children’s rubber boots repurposed as planters.

Go Vertical: Make the most of limited space by creating an easy and inexpensive salad garden made from an over-the-door canvas shoe holder.

Move It: This DIY mobile container makes it easy for the gardener to move flowers in and out of the sun when needed.

Vintage Charm: A rusty red wagon becomes a charming succulent garden in a few easy steps.

Recycle This: Running out of space in your recycle bins? Paint those empty soup or bean cans and hang in rows – ta da, it’s a tin-can garden on your wall!

Ideas a-Plenty: Looking for more inspiration? This blog has several bet-you-didn’t-think-of-that ideas for unique garden planters, including drawers, a colander and even a toilet! Talk about upcycling.

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