Banana Plants Add Color to Tropical Gardens

Bananas aren't just good for your morning cereal. Consider the sculptural foliage of these ornamental banana varieties when planning your tropical garden.
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Colorful Banana Tree Underplanted with Lime Green

A colorful banana tree is underplanted with lime green lpomea and Celosia plumosa for an attractive summer patio display.

Musa Basjoo is a Japanese Root-Hardy Banana

Musa basjoo is a cold-hardy banana native to Japan. This large, fast-growing plant reaches heights of between 6 and 14 feet tall when full-grown. Grow these plants not for their fruit, but for the ornamental foliage that lends an exotic and tropical aura to the landscape.

Ethiopian Banana

Arching leaves that grow to 10 feet are the hallmark of this plant. Although the plant may produce fruit, it is not true banana.

Abyssinian Banana Tree Produces Paddle Leaves

Abyssinian banana fruits have very large, hard seeds and are inedible. The plant produces large paddle-shaped green and maroon leaves. It will grow well in full sun to partial shade. This ornamental banana makes an outstanding indoor focal point in a large container.

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