20 Edible Potted Plant Ideas

Plant containers with a range of beautiful crops for your garden, patio, window box or balcony.

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Create a Patio Container Garden

Pack a patio with a variety of productive plants. Vertical space can also be used, as well as planters of all shapes and sizes.

Try Citrus

Citrus plants grow well in containers on a sunny patio. Containers also allows for citrus plants to be brought inside if the weather turns cool.

Put That Old Ladder to Use

Placing small pots on an outstretched ladder is a good way to maximize a small space. This technique is especially good for pots of herbs or plants that trail.

Pergola Berries

Pots hung on the supports of a pergola is another way to use vertical space in a small area. Strawberries are perfect for growing in elevated positions, where clusters of berries will trail over the edge of a pot, making them easy to ripen and pick.

Vegetable and Flowers Mingle in Borders Together

Vegetable crops can be set in and around flower borders to complement adjacent ornamental plants. Scattering pots of fruits and vegetables in sunny spots between flowers can also make it harder for pests to find them.

Metal Containers Create a Modern Patio Garden

Add glamour to a small garden by using modern galvanized tanks filled with a variety of colorful crops, such as herbs and climbing beans running up metal spirals. Plant herbs at the base to soften the look.

Use Deep Window Boxes

Deep window boxes are ideal for apartments, providing vertical space that can be very productive and practical. Trailing cherry tomatoes, chili plants and complementary blooming flowers create a stunning summer splash of color.

Create an Edible Living Wall

Green wall systems are the ultimate space-saving crop containers and create a tapestry of foliage and fruits. Plants can be watered and fed by hand, or a irrigation system can be installed.

Plant Flowering Fruit Shrubs

Flowering fruit trees can be grown in large containers on a sunny patio. The shrubs are also useful for creating a privacy screen.

Make a Window Box

Rustic window boxes are simple to make, and can be made to fit a window exactly. Line your vessel with plastic, create drainage holes in base, add garden compost and plant a cottage-inspired display of herbs and salad greens.

Deep Raised Beds Create a Mini-Garden

Deep raised bed gardens will provide room for a variety of crops, such as cherry plum tomatoes, heat-loving basil and colorful flowering plants.

A Basket of Veggies

A woven willow surround covers a plastic garden bag, adding to the beauty of an informal patio with colorful edible plants and flowering annuals.

Heat-Loving Plants Love Raised Beds

Heat-loving plants—like chilies, sweet peppers, and eggplants—will thrive in a raised bed garden. They do dry out quicker, so keep raised beds watered daily.

Mix in Flowers with Vegetable Crops

Flowers and vegetables can be mixed together, creating a striking summer container for patios. French lavender mixes well with corn plants and herbs, as lavender's vivid color and fragrance will brighten up the dense green foliage of the corn crop.

A Rustic Patio Container Idea

Plant alpine strawberries, marigolds and catnip in rustic containers made from old crates to give a patio garden a naturalistic look.

Garden to Table, Literally

Decorate a wooden picnic table with an edible meadow that has been sunk into the table. Nasturtiums, pot marigolds and violas all have vibrant blooms that taste as good as they look. Ensure that the planter has drainage holes.

Start Potted Veggies in a Greenhouse

A small backyard greenhouse is a good spot to start early vegetables and flowers. Once the weather warms, the door and windows can be left open to increase airflow, and plants can continue to help with propagation.

A Cold Frame is a Must

Cold frames protect plants against the cold and wet and are ideal for small spaces. Place against a sunny wall or in a sheltered, light area, and use them for germinating seeds, hardening off young plants, and growing crops that do well with extra heat.

Stagger Greenhouse Tomato Plants in Wooden Crates

Make good use of space in a greenhouse by staggering rows, like these tomatoes lanted in crates.

Use a Mini Greenhouse

Set a miniature greenhouse against a sunny wall to protect crops in a small garden, balcony or terrace. They can vary in size and price to fit the space—and pocketbook.