Dig It! Outdoor Adventure Lite With Backyard Glamping

Venture far from home or stick close with the comfort-centric movement of glam-camping.
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The Silver Tear Woodie Camper.

The Silver Tear Woodie Camper.

The Silver Tear Woodie Camper.

Photo by: Image courtesy of Orvis.

Image courtesy of Orvis.

The Silver Tear Woodie Camper.

When I was a child one of my favorite outdoor camping excursions was in my own backyard. A perfect combination of safety and adventure. Just the sort of thing a tender-foot, cautiously questing child like myself craved. My mother was close by to deliver “provisions.” If strange outdoor sounds became too suggestive of danger, I could make a mad dash for the Great Indoors. 

It was, in essence, an early version of glamping, aka glamorous camping.

Even those of us who revel in the great outdoors occasionally need a little infusion of home-style comfort.

The appeal of glamping, for me, is all of the gear packed beautifully into a gorgeous, aesthetic, very Wes Anderson set designed package. For those of us who want a little atmosphere along with our forays into nature.

Which is why I am so enamored with purveyors of all things outdoors Orvis’s incredibly glampalicious Silver Tear Woodie Camper. The Woodie has a fancy mahogany/sapele body and an interior featuring a custom foam mattress that converts to a sofa. There is a roof fan for circulation, a rear gallery featuring a curly-maple counter top, stainless steel cooler and cabinetry for storage. 

At $29,995, I think it would make a great substitute for a vacation home. You can take your vacation wherever you go. Or just park your vacation in your backyard. I’d love to revisit those childhood “adventures” of pitching a tent in the backyard or watching the Miss America pageant in my best friend’s Winnebago parked in her driveway, and just plant the Woodie in my own driveway. Wimp-adventure on! My mother’s in Florida: too far to holler for a hot chocolate. But that’s what husbands are for. Honey! Can you bring me out a bottle of Riesling? 

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