Container Gardening: Using Large Pots

Large flower pots can add dramatic style to your garden.

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©2011, Dorling Kindersley Limited

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Bloem

Photo By: Planter by Bloem

Contemporary Containers Fuse Old and New

Spiky foliage and delicate petals of traditional English garden irises are paired with contemporary containers as old and new styles fuse together in garden design.

Containers with Water Lilies Are a Focal Point

A large, glazed ceramic pot can be used as a stunning container for beautiful white water lilies.

Gravel Garden Designed as Informal Space

Gravel highlights this informal garden space and is planted with spiky plants and ornamental grasses in corten pots made of weatherproof steel with a rusty patina.

Lavender Plants Make Themselves at Home in Silver Pots

Matching muted silver pots on a garden bench are the perfect choice for lavender plants.

Create Focal Point with Dramatic Tree Species

Ornamental trees can become focal points when planted in large containers and used alongside other plantings in a backyard garden or on a patio.

Try Growing Fruit Trees

Potted lemon trees grow well outside in the summer in a decorative container large enough to support their root growth. Make sure they stay watered and bring them indoors when the weather turns cooler.

Variety of Contemporary Galvanized Containers

Galvanized containers come in a variety of heights and widths and work in this contemporary space as raised containers for vegetables and herbs that include chives, peppers, leeks, strawberries and tomatoes.

Green Foliage Colors Contrast with Dark Red Pots

Dark red contemporary containers mix with the contemporary hues of green dasylirion longissimum.

Geometry Lesson

A wooden garden catwalk is lined with concrete geometric planters creating a contemporary look in this zen-like garden.

Red Acer Contrasts with Blue Drum Planter

The Japanese maple, or red acer, is a showy, versatile species. Use as a single specimen or in borders or groupings. Deeply lobed leaves are red or reddish purple especially in spring and fall usually turning green in the summer.

English Lavender Mounds in Flowers and Foliage

English lavender is shown in full bloom and mounding in a large ceramic clay pot. The strong fragrance of this aromatic plant wafts through the air of this sunny summer garden.

Clipped Boxwoods in Metal Pots

These tall metal pots featuring boxwoods are used to hide fence panels and add a dramatic statement to a garden.

Glass Pots with Lilies

Lilies in these modern glass containers add a dramatic statement to a patio.

Garden Focal Point

Large garden pots can be used to create visually interesting focal points in your garden.

Canna 'Durban' Container

Canna 'Durban' foliage emerges with dark red stripes highlighted with pink, bronze and pale yellow striping that ages to a bronze green with yellow stripes. The large, orange-red flowers are an added bonus.

Endless Summer Hydrangea Blooms Without Stopping

The hydrangea 'Endless Summer' is featured in large, elevated containers to emphasize its lovely flowers.

Go Big in the Garden

Nothing brings drama to the garden, patio or porch like the addition of a big pot planted up with a variety of spillers, thrillers and fillers. At up to 28 inches wide, the black Milano planter from Bloem, offers room for both a focal point plant and a variety of plant filler that can be changed out with the season.

More Room for Plants

There's no denying the ability of a big pot to define and anchor a space in the garden or yard, as with this Bloem Milano planter used to accent the corner of a driveway and planted with a focal point of variegated boxwood and surrounded with variegated sweet flag, creeping Jenny, ajuga and Persian shield.

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