Conserving Water: How to Water Garden Pots Less

Save water and money with these ideas for keeping your garden pots hydrated longer.

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Traditional Mulch Consists of Organic Matter

Mulches help prevent surface compost from being washed away with repeated watering. Organic mulches consist of leaf mold or bark chips.

Water Retaining Crystals Release Moisture Along

Using water retaining crystals in potting soil before planting will help soil by releasing moisture as needed.

Decorative Terra Cotta Pots Will Need More Water

Terra cotta pots are porous and will not retain water as well as plastic containers, so more frequent watering will be necessary in the hot, dry days of summer.

For Shade Group Pots Together on Patio

Group pots together on a summer patio or terrace. The leaves from the individual plants will help shade each other keeping their roots cool.

Attach Drip Nozzles to Feeder Pipes for Watering

Feeder pipes should be laid on the surface of the compost once drip nozzles are attached.

Large Plastic Containers Retain Moisture Well

Large plastic containers retain moisture well and are suitable for a variety of plants and vegetables to grow on a patio or deck.

Lavender Plants Displayed in Matching Silver Pots

Matching muted silver pots on a garden bench are the perfect choice for lavender plants.

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