Squirrels Behaving Badly

Your tomato plants are no match for this rogue's gallery of garden ne'er do wells.

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Getting Squirrely

There’s nothing like a good squirrel hug to prepare for a long day of looting.

You Talkin' To Me?

Not content to just gather nuts for winter and hit-up elderly park-goers for popcorn, this trouble-maker is also gunning for a fight.

Heavy Breathing

Worn out from a long day of garden-plundering no doubt.

The "Buddy"

We’ve practiced this a thousand times. YOU catch the stick and create a diversion while I get the strawberries.

The Connoisseur

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Wise Guy

This hardened city squirrel knows his way around the concrete jungle. Guard those fire escape tomato plants and front stoop berries from this mobster with a tail.

Raiding the Cookie Jar

Like stealing candy from a baby. This squirrel has no shame when it comes to helping himself to another guy's lunch.

Home Improvement

This design-savvy critter looks like he's been spending some time on HGTV.com and hitting up the local antiques mall for a rustic vessel to contain his loot.

The Charmer

It's hard to hold a grudge once you've fed a dapper little redhead from your hand. Squirrels rely on soft-hearted humans, who they then bend to their nefarious will.

The Con-Artist

While the dog barks up the wrong tree, this criminal mastermind waits it out.

The Lawn Ornament

Hoping to avoid detection, this cagey critter masquerades as yard art.

The Overachiever

Say hello to a winter of sleepless nights as this resourceful guy prepares to make a cozy little nest out of your attic and spend each night running relays on your floorboards.

The Acrobat

Resistance is futile. Suddenly, the idea of erecting a fence to keep these predators out seems pointless.

Fashion Victim

Punk rock isn't dead.

Stir Crazy

If you can't cage your garden, cage your critters.

Forget Something?

I just know I left that nut somewhere around here. Or was it here? Or here?

Under Cover

Taking advantage of nature's camouflage, this squirrel is hoping no one notices the eyeballs and whiskers on this tree limb.

Hang In There Baby

There's no denying the cuteness of a baby animal in an adorable pickle.

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